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Privacy Policy

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This document is intended to formalize the Privacy Policy of Qualitor Software and Serviços em Informática S / A, developer of Intelichat, regarding information provided by users licensed to use the Intelichat platform and users end interactions with chatbots created on the Intelichat platform by the licensees.

1. For use of the Intelichat software by the licensee , that is, for access to the chatbots configuration environment and other resources made available by the platform, some information must be provided to Qualitor for the registration and contracting of the service . This information is basically cadastral data, which will be stored for control and for making payment options available. Qualitor will ensure the privacy of the information provided by the licensees for this purpose.

:: In the case of identification of licensees by Facebook or by the Google account for access to the Intelichat platform, only the user name, registration image and email are captured on Facebook or Google.

:: In the case of the publication of chatbots to Facebook, access to Facebook pages of which the licensee is an administrator, only for the purpose of configuring and activating their chatbots and linking them to the pages – no access to page content is accomplished.

1.1. In the case of end user access to chatbots configured on the Intelichat platform , the information to be stored is the transcripts of the dialogs and those defined by the licensees to be saved as attributes, according to the chatbots settings. Such data remain stored and protected on the Intelichat platform, with access permission and responsibility only for the licensees, that is, to the contracting users of the Intelichat service that performed the chatbots configurations.

:: In cases where licensees configure integrations of the Intelichat platform with external systems, it is possible that the data collected from the users in the dialogs with chatbots are stored in external systems integrated to Intelichat. Such definition is the sole responsibility of the licensee.

1.1.1 In the case of identification of end users by Facebook or by the Google account for access to chatbots configured on the Intelichat platform, only the name, image, gender and language of the user are captured on Facebook or Google . Under no circumstances any other information related to users’ Facebook or Google are collected.

2. Qualitor will not sell or rent information from licensees and users, nor will it pass it on to third parties.

3. In exceptional situations, such as in cases of need for Intelichat technical support access to the licensee’s chatbots configuration environment , there will be an access authorization given by the expired licensee. This access will allow only the visualization of the chatbots definition, but not the access to the data of the stored end users.

4.The licensee must watch over his password to access Intelichat, avoiding the disclosure, voluntary or involuntary to another person.

5. The licensee acknowledges and agrees that the use of the information provided by him to Intelichat, according to the content of this Privacy Policy, does not constitute any violation of the right to privacy and confidentiality, of copyright, publicity or any other right related to protection of personal information. The licensee declares to be aware that the privacy rights are independent and are not confused with intellectual property rights, image rights, rights to honor and reputation and other rights of the personality.
This Privacy Policy may be altered as a result of the adoption of new technologies, changes in legislation or security needs and proper functioning of Qualitor software and associated services, and any changes thereto will always be available on this site, becoming valid from date of its publication.

6. Use of cookies
To access the Intelichat website and its platform, some cookies are stored in the browser to improve the use of both. These cookies are not used in any way for the collection of personal information or the sending of promotional material.

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