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Plans and Pricing

Avaible plans

The messages considered for consumption in the plans correspond to those sent by chatbots and users.

Entries in the Intelipremium plan are entitled to 30 days of full use, without prior payment and without registering a credit card. You will only be paid if you want to continue using Intelichat after the trial period. Currently we accept Paypal.

  • $ 0,00
    • 3 BOTs enabled
    • Automation resources
    • Supports human chat
    • 300 messages per month
  • $ 39,00
    • 50 BOTs enabled
    • All features and functionality
    • Possibility to buy more messages if necessary

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Intelifree Intelipremium
Number of Bots Number of BOTS that can be created 3 50
BOT for Facebook Function that allows you to publish BOTs to run in Facebook Messenger
Retention of dialog messages (days) Number of retention days for dialog messages (via access to transcripts of dialogs and for reports) 7 180
BOT for web BOT can be run via web, from a browser
Export of visitors Exporting visitor data to Excel / CSV
Sending dialogs via email Automatic sending of dialogs by e-mail, at the end of the calls
Routing to human CHAT Allows BOT routing for human CHAT care
Models of BOTs and Qualifications Allows access to BOT Templates and Qualifications
Qualifying resources For tests, polls, evaluations, surveys, etc.
Integration with external systems and NLC Feature for integration with external systems and language classification
Knowledge base Knowledge base to keep content and responses out of BOT logic
Interactive contents via chatbots Interactive content building through chatbots streams
Training of BOTs for NLU BOTs training function for natural language comprehension
Support for variable and attribute deviation Support for variable and attribute deviations in dialog streams
Predefined connection to external systems Connection pre-defined and configurable to external systems. Supported system: Qualitor
Upload files Support for sending user files to BOTs, including photos, audio and location.
Interactive publishing feature Interactive contents with blocks of content in card format. It supports questionnaires and creation of personalized fields; collection of attributes and statistics of readings. Compatible with Wordpress and Medium. Limited in the Free Plan